Heart meets Heart

She’d come up behind me in the foyer of Tate Britain and tapped me on the shoulder.

What’s in a leaf?

I pity the leaf-man. He’s coming today and it’ll look as though no one has cleared a single leaf since he came last. They fall while I write, they fall while I eat, they fall while I sleep, and I know why autumn in America is called the fall.

Three days in York

If you haven’t been to York, go there. I’ve just returned from three days there. Apart from the splendid York Minster, the city has much charm, abundant historic beauty, and many good and varied restaurants.

Mislaid by Nell Zinc

I’ve just read the extraordinary good debut novel Mislaid by Nell Zinc.
A lively, refreshing read, full of electric sentences that shout out, brilliant dialogue, larger than life characters, and with an original, unusual plot.

Go Set a Watchman

Tomorrow, at midnight, Go Set a Watchman–the long awaited sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, probably the best book I’ve ever read–will be published.

As a tribute to Harper Lee, I’ve posted an article I read in last Friday’s edition of The Guardian by Alison Flood.

They deserve shelter

I woke to the sound of rushing water. Loud, like a flood. Occasional thuds, then quiet splashes, trickles even. Seconds of stillness before the same noises started up again, but in a different sequence. It was the sound of the sea, of waves rushing up and down the beach.

The end

Like the end of a relationship, the death of a loved one, moving house or location after a long time in one place, or just the end of a great holiday when you’ve had fun and felt exhilarated by the location, the person or people you’ve been with, and the food and wine, the day I finish writing a book feels much the same. A feeling of loss, and a sense of the end and not sure what’s coming next. And that’s where I am right now.

Follow your dream

images-99I’ve always believed you should follow your dream. I found this blog post, Six reasons you should never give up on your dreams by Gurbaksh Chahal, an excellent explanation on why you should never quit.