Death in The Fishing Net

Nearly a year after Monroe Lidlington hauled his wife’s dead body from the sea, he’s arrested and charged with her murder. His new wife, Stevie – twenty years younger than him – and his son, Greg, reluctantly come to the view that he’s guilty until Greg unearths a massive cover-up by his mother’s ex-employees that points to Monroe being set-up. While Monroe’s guilt seems in doubt, tragedy strikes.

Monroe Lidlington appears distraught and shocked when he and two friends discover his wife’s body in their fishing net. Messages of sympathy pour in. Months later, after he’d married his young girlfriend, people begin to question his innocence. When his new wife and his son share their belief that he murdered his last wife, his world starts to fall apart.

An emotionally charged thriller where a man has to cope with the discovery of his wife’s body, his son’s belief that his father killed his mother, and the gradual realisation by his second wife that she is sleeping with a murderer.

‘A gripping, page-turning story, with an ending so poignant that some readers will reach for the tissues.’

Five star review – 1st week out.

‘This is a short novel, which I was able to read in an evening. Nevertheless it is packed with action and stuffed with believable characters. Monroe has a row with his wife, after which she leaves him. She is found murdered shortly afterwards. He later meets a new woman, Stevie, and they marry. Stevie, through a series of discoveries, comes to believe that Monroe himself did away with his first wife. We follow her and Monroe’s son Greg as they try to make sense of all this and begin to unravel the truth.
The writing is very good, crisp and immediate. I was very soon sucked in to the story and made to care about the characters. I found Stevie and Greg to be very sympathetic characters although perhaps the Police Inspector was too rude to be true! (Maybe I’ve only met the polite ones?) The last part of the story, as we came to realise what had happened, became very tense and exciting. A great little read, this!’



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