Killing Sam Forever

A poignant, psychological thriller, that tells of murder, deceit and revenge.

Jerome Millar thinks he killed Sam Crichton thirty years ago. His life is turned on its head when Sam suddenly reappears. Sam threatens to expose Jerome as a murderer and serial philanderer. Jerome hires an assassin to kill Sam. The tension mounts when Jerome discovers that his latest lover is Sam’s wife, and Sam – shocked by his wife’s infidelity – doubles his efforts to gain his revenge.

Jerome’s actions left Sam cruelly disabled. He vowed to himself to hunt Jerome down and not let his disabilities hold back his life. He became a best selling author and a Paralympian. It took him thirty years to find Jerome, but he didn’t expect to discover that his wife, Julie, would be having an affair with the man who tried to kill him.

Sam was left paralysed by Jerome’s evil deed. A full sexual relationship with Julie was not possible, and he always expected her to have an affair at some time, but not with Jerome.

Julie loved Sam, and never thought she’d sleep with another man, but when Jerome offers her failing business a lifeline, she’s falls for his charms and jumps into bed with him for what she believes is a one-night-fling. It turns into a full-blown affair. When she discovers that Jerome is the same man who tried to kill Sam and caused his disabilities, she’s distraught and wants to die.




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