The Bloodied Black Heart

Terrorists threaten to nuke London.

Jake Armstrong believes Becky Rackley is the recipient of his wife’s donated heart. She goes through the same thought process, but neither tells the other. She’s a secret agent for MI5, working on anti-terrorism. He’s an investigator for an insurance company, specialising in the theft of valuable works of art.

When a terrorist organisation threaten to blow up London with a dirty nuclear bomb unless their demands are met, and Jake tells Becky he’s going to Moscow to hunt for a stolen painting, she thinks his trip could lead to the whereabouts of the nuclear missile launch pads. She wires him up with a tracking device – without his permission or knowledge – and keeps track of his movements from London.

The plan goes badly wrong. Jake is captured, left to die in a damp, cold shed in Moscow, and the terrorists issue an ultimatum: they’ll nuke London in seven days unless their demands are met.

The clock starts to tick. London’s evacuated, and Becky flies to Moscow in an attempt to avert a world catastrophe and find Jake, dead or alive.




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