The Wrong Menu

Murder, drug-dealing, and adultery behind a famous restaurant.

Ralph Launcier, a successful celebrity chef and restaurateur, is also a drug dealer and a murderer. He fears that Cameron, his brother in law, who picked up the wrong menu one day, is about to blow open his lucrative drug ring, and unearth his murky past. Ralph plans Cameron’s demise. The plan backfires. Ralph is killed. Cameron ends up in jail, dependent on his thirteen-year-old stepdaughter.

Ralph and Cameron are good friends, but when Cameron’s inquisitiveness starts to threaten Ralph’s life-style, he immediately sets to work to eliminate Cameron. He orders his own wife to sleep with Cameron for information, and tells his sister, Cameron’s wife, to snoop on Cameron’s activities.

Cameron is hounded from his home, becomes a homeless dropout, resorts to petty theft to survive, and shacks up with a drug taker. Ralph comes after him, but is the victim of his own deathly plot.

A page-turning story of murder, drug-dealing, corruption, adultery, and a step-daughter’s love and determination to set the record straight: set against the backdrop of the behind-the-scenes workings of a top restaurant.




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