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 images-99I’ve always believed you should follow your dream. I found this blog post, Six reasons you should never give up on your dreams by Gurbaksh Chahal, an excellent explanation on why you should never quit.

 1What’s the alternative?

If you give up now, what are your options? Where will you be in life? Adrift? Aimless? Imagine how that will make you feel. Perhaps your project is not achieving your aspirations, or the going is slow and tough. Regard it as nothing more than a detour on your journey to reach your destination, and remember, success is not a destination; it’s a journey.

2: Mistakes happen.

There’s no straight line to success. You’re going to hit bumps in the road that will feel like mountains. But, you can get over them. In fact, making mistakes is necessary to achieve success. If you don’t, you’re not experimenting. You’re not trying new approaches. You’re not going anywhere. Learn from the mistakes.

Abraham Lincoln failed to win several positions before becoming president of the United States. Walt Disney had to close businesses en route to worldwide success.

Recently, 64-year-old Diana Nyad became the first person to swim the shark-invested waters between Cuba and Key West–some 110 miles–without a cage for protection and after five attempts. She said she’d learned something new from each of her failed efforts. Failure is a necessary part of the journey, but it’s never the end until you decide to quit.

 3: You need passion in your life.

If you give up on your dreams, you’re living a life unfulfilled. I can’t imagine not being passionate about something. Do you really believe you can achieve success in whatever is your endeavour if you have a wishy-washy approach and don’t feel strongly about your personal endeavour? If you don’t have a mission–if you don’t have a purpose–are you wasting potential? Live life with purpose and you will never be bored. Absolute conviction is everything.

4: Anything can happen.

Don’t give up today because the breakthrough you need might happen tomorrow. All of the hard work you invest in yourself will pay off in the long run. Success in life is like running a marathon, not a sprint. You just have to buoy yourself up and keep going.

5: The joy of success.

Most of all, don’t surrender your precious dream, because one day, you will achieve it. And, when you do, the ecstasy will make all of the agony worthwhile. Imagine being able to celebrate with your family, friends, and others who have been rooting for you–think about the pleasure you’ll all feel.

6: Proving them wrong.

Last, but not least, don’t give the naysayers the satisfaction of seeing you give up on your dreams. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to prove them wrong. It’s quite common to have dream-stealers infiltrate your life. It might be colleagues or business acquaintances or even (sadly) family and friends. They are negative influences who sow seeds of doubt. Ignore them, and go for it.


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