Mislaid by Nell Zinc

41gxO-BBWHL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_I’ve just read the extraordinary good debut novel Mislaid by Nell Zinc.

A lively, refreshing read, full of electric sentences that shout out, brilliant dialogue, larger than life characters, and with an original, unusual plot. It’s written in a forthright, honest, and unabashed style. It will definitely feature in my top ten of books read.


Startlingly radical, dazzlingly witty, unlike anything that has come before – this is the most exciting debut novel published this year.

“Nell Zink is a writer of extraordinary talent and range. Her work insistently raises the possibility that the world is larger and stranger than the world you think you know.” Jonathan Franzen’


‘Virginia, 1966. The motionless deeps of the lake outside Stillwater College are being ruffled. Lee, a blue-blooded poet and professor, is determinedly fondling Peggy, an ingénue freshman with literary pretensions, in his canoe. So begins a long affair but the two are mismatched from the start.

The story that follows rocks the boat in every sense. Nell Zink’s hugely entertaining, totally unique Mislaid explodes the nuclear family and topples every foundation of identity – black and white, gay and straight, “normal” and very very strange…’

Fourth Estate

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