Most recent works

Truth is not always true – A story of love and strife that poses many questions.
Night Running – a deeply unsettling psychological drama.

The Harry Fingle Collection

Three stories about Harry Fingle and his search for the truth.

Playing Harry – Harry’s the ball in the CIA and MI6’s game.
Assassination Continuum – An assassin’s relentless pursuit.
Zero One – The frightening conclusion.


Electronic Crime in Muted Key – A man fakes his death.
Murder He Forgot – Amnesia hides his murderous intent.
The Wrong Menu – Deadly crime behind a famous restaurant.
Killing Sam Forever – Sam visits his killer.
The Bloodied Black Heart – How a transplanted heart saved the world.
Death in The Fishing Net – A man hauls up his wife’s dead body.

Short Stories

Oh, what a night! – A bizarre, touch violent urban-fantasy.
Harry and His Unfinished business – Harry Fingle witnesses a bloody murder.
The Night I Met Me – A man meets his scary double.
Three Mind Games – Three chilling, bizarre fantasies.
Life, Love, and Loss – Fifteen stories about just that.

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