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images-134Truth is not always true

Living the truth, telling it, and lying.

Jen is a young doctor working for MEDICINS SANS FRONTIERES (MSF) in Yemen. She’s married to Joe, an investigative journalist writing about humanitarian issues. They’re their own best friends, and undeniably in love. When Jen is killed in a bombing raid on the hospital, Joe is devastated. But, surprising his friends, and claiming relief from his heartbreak, he marries Camilla – an opposite in every way to Jen – within months of Jen’s death.

But Jen wasn’t killed.

Although believed to be at the hospital when it was bombed, she was out visiting a patient. Captured by terrorists, raped by them, and made to treat their wounded for six months, she manages to escape and find her way back to London. When she finds not only is her husband married to Camilla, but rumoured to have been sleeping with her before she was supposed to have been killed, she’s left desolate and destroyed.

Believing she’d reached the depths of despair, she descends deeper when she discovers that a presumed death certificate was issued for her, leaving her a non-person, unable to get a job, open a bank account, use her credit cards and passport, or sign a lease on a flat. The only way out is to get the death certificate revoked. It’s not impossible, but not easy, and to do it, she needs Joe’s help. They meet. In an emotional outburst that leaves him confused, deflated, and distressed, she goes on to tell him that if he won’t do what she asks, she’ll take him to court and expose him for ‘the shit you are.’ He agrees. But Camilla has other ideas, particularly as she’s just discovered that he inherited £10 million pounds from his father, and it’s been left untouched in a Swiss bank account.

Jen, meanwhile, shows her true grit.

Truth is not always true will be available this year.

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