The Harry Fingle Collection

images-104A trilogy.

How Harry Fingle, single-handedly, takes on the CIA and MI6.

Harry Fingle is an investigative journalist who takes no prisoners, does no favours, and digs until he exposes the truth. He’s honest, popular, but a danger to some people. When his brother and sister-in-law are murdered and he’s fired for no reason, it’s time to bring those who want him dead to account.

Working on and off with his ex-lover, he realises he’s unearthed a conspiracy so shocking it implicates governments. Harry does what he does best. He charges on, regardless of whom he might upset. But then a ruthless Russian assassin is hired…

An interview with Harry Fingle open

Question: In Playing Harry you were cruel and uncaring to Amie. She’d done so much to support you? Why did behave like that?

Harry Fingle: At the time I was blown out by the rigged case against me. I knew I was innocent, but as the trial went on, I thought I’d be found guilty and go to prison for a long time. I was wrong to treat Amie the way I did, and I’ve told her so, but at the time, I couldn’t face my life as it had been.

Q: What did you think when you were charged with being in possession of indecent images of underage children?

Harry FingleMy first reaction was it’s all crazy. I thought they must have been joking. They had no evidence, and it had to be a mistake. Then the police said they were arresting me, and took away my laptop. Next thing I knew was they’d found some indecent images on my hard drive. I was shocked. I hadn’t downloaded any–somebody else must have done it. I guess my computer was hacked. I was scared and started to think irrationally.

Q: Have you any idea who could have set you up?

Harry FingleYesI do, and will expose them at some time. I can’t say too much at the moment, as there are several other issues, and to tell you before I have all the evidence might prejudice my situation.

Q: What did you think about Kate Fisher? After all, her actions might have resulted in your death.

Harry FingleWell. She was a troubled person. I don’t think she deliberately spied on me. She was all screwed up, and being blackmailed by her ex-boss.

Q: You felt sorry for her, then? Did you sleep with her?

Harry FinglePass. I’m not going there.

Q: What did you think of the way MI6 and the CIA treated you?

Harry FingleOh come on! It was shit. They’re a load of shysters. They’d screw their aged grandmothers if it suited them. No further comment. I’m bound by the Official Secrets Act. 

Q: What did you think when you found out Grigoriy Nabutov was out of jail and out to kill you again?

Harry Fingle: I was delighted of course! That really is the dumbest question I’ve heard for ages. 

Q: What’s the state of your relationship with Amie Lau? Is it back on again?

Harry Fingle: I don’t know. You’ll have to wait and see.

Q: In Assassination Continuum, you say you like Ethiopia. What’s so great about it?

Harry FingleWell, for one, no one asks me stupid questions, it’s nothing like the West–no obsessions with celebrities, brands, and money–and it’s stunningly beautiful.

Q: Finally, after what’s happened to you in the last few years, do you now think your safe?

Harry FingleNo way. That’d be boring.

The main guys open

Harry Fingle is known as one of the best investigative journalists in the world. He can smell corruption and a cover up from miles away and be relied on to dig the dirt and uncover the truth. He’ll expose injustice and unfairness. He’ll champion the underdog, put his own life at risk, and never tire until he’s finished his investigation and filed his article. He’s well paid, and has won many international awards. He’s intelligent, articulate, approaches his work with an unbiased attitude, and carries no grudges. He’s good company and has many friends–but his work and media exposures have made him enemies who’ll settle only for his downfall.

Amie Lau was Harry’s partner for seven years. She stood by him during his long, arduous trial, and had always expected they’d marry at some time. When Harry is acquitted and tells her he wants to end their relationship she’s devastated. She tries to continue her life without him but finds it difficult, and ends up stalking him. Her obsessive behaviour brings her into contact with Harry’s frightening enemies.

Grigoriy Nabutov was once head of the most feared, violent Moscow mafia gang. Murder and assassination are second nature to him. He’s hired to kill Harry, fails on his first attempt, but doesn’t give up.

Philip Stacey was once Harry’s boss and long-standing friend. Harry is godfather to one of Philip’s children. They used to play squash together and regularly socialised. When Harry is fired, Philip is not to be seen and has mysteriously left the company. He turns out to be a spook–working for MI6–and not such a good friend of Harry’s after all.

Max Webster turns up in Harry’s life after three years spent abroad. He’s a similar age to Harry and an extrovert with long, curly, black hair, a black beard, and an earring. Before he went away, Harry and he used to best buddies. Now he’s back, their friendship picks up where it left off until a dark shadow closes in.

Playing Harry 1600 2400_1Playing Harry

The first story.

Giant international corporations hire hitmen. The CIA and MI6 sanction immoral and illegal skulduggery. People die. Harry Fingle–an investigative journalist, searching for his brother’s killer–is appalled, and tries to publish his findings.

He’s gagged, an assassin is briefed, and his ex-lover is stabbed.

Harry’s a pawn in a real-life game of chess played out by the security services.

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continuum 1600 2400Assassination Continuum

The second story.

The wrong man is murdered in a café in Istanbul. A feared Russian assassin is mortified and vows to right his mistake. Harry Fingle’s lover becomes over-inquisitive, and his spy-friend tells him to watch out.

Tension mounts. The Russians hire a Serbian hitman as a back-up executioner and Harry begins to question his trusted spy-friend’s loyalties.

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zero one 2400_1600Zero One

The final story

Murderers walk free from court, juries are nobbled, spooks leak secrets, police fix investigations, prisoners escape, and the media stays silent. Zero One is dominant. One man controls it.

A lingering love affair, Harry Fingle’s discovery of the name of Zero One’s chief, and the breakout from jail of Harry’s nemesis–the feared Russian assassin Grigoriy Nabutov–make for a tense and emotional conclusion to the trilogy.

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