A writer writes his dairy, part two.

Random jottings

21 July


With three chapters of After the end written, I’m left questioning if it’s going in the right direction. In the past, I’ve written to a plan, detailed in advance. Now I’m trying a more informal, make-it-up-as-I-go-along way. The old way was easier, I knew what I had to write on any certain day, but too rigid. It’s early days; I’ll get the hang of it in a week or two.


The wonderful summer we’ve been having down here on the south coast has gone away for a while, leaving us windier, more unsettled weather, but we’re still able to take long beach walks in the evenings. See picture.


Baked a sourdough loaf today for a friend coming for the weekend. I think I’ve finally solved the uneven rise problem I had before.

18 July

We’re lucky enough to have an art gallery around the corner – the image left or above a sculpture in the garden, quite a good looking guy, I thought! I went there last Sunday to start the thought process on the novel I’m just starting to write, After the end. I always flail around at the beginning of a book, writing a bit, discarding it, waking in the night and making notes. Then by some magic the first two or three chapters seem to gel. That’s where I am at the moment, but it doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. There’s quite a lot going on with us this summer and autumn, right up to Christmas. I’ll try to write a chunk now until the end of August. In September our Australian family come for two weeks and our family living in Beirut stay as well. My other son and his family live near, so there’ll be much fun. We’re looking forward to it, but no writing. I’ll manage a bit more in October and early December, leaving the race to the finish until the first six to eight months of 2018.

Earlier in July we went with our daughter to a jazz festival in the village of Glynde near Lewes in East Sussex, and where Glyndebourne takes place. A great event: well organised, good jazz, a variety of interesting food and drink, and a warm friendly atmosphere. We listened to many bands, the favourite Corinne Bailey Rae, who’s voice was silklike and songs enchanting.

BBQ’s with friends and swimming in the sea have taken up the rest of July. We’re so lucky to live on the south coast where we get the best of the weather and less rain than elsewhere.

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