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Night Running – a deeply unsettling psychological drama.

A troubled man goes running at night. Why?


‘Wow! This book hooks you from page one! Nick Wastnage wastes no time in jumping into the action!’ Amazon reviewer.


Two strangers, thrown together by their tragic pasts, fall in love, and expect a baby. Dark clouds gather over their relationship when the woman’s sister, a police detective, tells her that her new lover is probably the serial child-killer and arsonist police throughout the country are after. The woman debunks her sister’s theory, telling her she’s wrong and out of her mind. They fall out. But then the woman finds a stash of cocaine in her lover’s desk drawer. She confronts him. He admits he has used it, but that’s in the past. He throws it away, and then goes for one of his regular night runs.


Why hadn’t he told her he was a drug user, she asks herself, and why does he always run at night? Her trust and loyalty in him are close to breaking point.


The baby comes early. The woman, recovering in hospital after the birth, is thrown into a wild frenzy and has to be sedated when she’s told her lover, the baby’s father, has disappeared with her two-year-old daughter, and the police – sure he’s the serial killer they’re after – have mounted a nation-wide hunt to find him and bring her daughter to safety.


A tense, page-turning psychological drama: packed with emotion and suspense.

Night Running

Work in progress

Truth is not always true will be available later this year. For more see Work in progress.